Carrying a wallet and a smartphone is essential before leaving home. However, sometimes putting them together can be cumbersome, especially if you have a heavy wallet (or phone). But in order to solve this problem, the mobile phone case manufacturer put forward the idea of a wallet phone case, which can double as a protective cover for wallets and smartphones.

This ultra-thin wallet case set comes from CaseMe, which comfortably accommodates a large number of cards. If you find it too cumbersome, you can remove the wallet part of the case and turn it into a standard flip cover such as an accessory, which is also very helpful. There aren’t many covers available for this, so the idea for CaseMe makes sense. Given the foldability of the cover, you can also use it as a stand to watch movies or media on the this Caseme Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Wallet Case. We will definitely recommend this for the features it provides.

If you are interested in the detachable wallet case, you can check out these two, CaseMe Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Detachable Wallet Case, BRG Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Leather Wallet Case. You can find out more details at the best wallet case online store.

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