The iPhone 8 Plus has been released for a year, and 2018 Apple’s new products will be released soon, but it does not affect the sales of the iPhone 8 Plus. Although it is not the most expensive mobile phone, but also we must take protective measures, wallet phone case protect security is one of the best, today we will introduce several iPhone 8 Plus wallet cases.

CaseMe iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

Maybe you haven’t heard of the CaseMe brand, but it has 5 years of experience in making wallet cases. This is a series of it. Its simple, simple design and low price make it a favorite of fans for many years. The 007 Series models feature a rear card slot that accommodates up to 14 cards and cash, and a detachable design makes it easier to carry.

BRG iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

This wallet case is a perfect replacement for your wallet. As you can see from the picture, it has all the functions of a purse, it can store 13 credit cards, the zip pocket can store some coins, headphones, lipstick, and it also has a mirror, you can make up at any time. It is thicker than a regular wallet, if you can accept it, it will be a perfect wallet case.

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