In 2018, the new iPhone product will be released soon, so the price of Iphone X has dropped a little over the past few days, may be a new product release, but the price of iphone x is more than 900 dollars, and the price of replacing the screen is 200 dollars, so you should be protection measures, and the protection case is the first choice. The wallet phone case protection performance is the best. We have selected several best iphone x wallet cases.

CaseMe iPhone X Wallet Case

CaseMe has been manufacturing wallet cases for many years, and the iPhone X wallet case is the perfect combination of style and function. There are 14 credit card slots, 1 zipper and a wristband, use 2-in-1 detachable design, the magnetic back case is attached to the back of the wallet, it has perfect magnetic attraction to ensure that the iPhone x does not fall off every time you open the wallet. You can put a lot of things in the wallet compartment, for example, coins, keys, headphones, etc. The zip closure seals for safety.

BRG iPhone X Leather Wallet Case

BRG made a bulky wallet case for the iPhone X. Looking at the picture above, you will find it is designed for women, but you will definitely appreciate the leather case attached to the case. This wallet case has a zip to protect your credit/debit card and currency. It has a wrist strap and you can tie the iPhone X to your wrist.

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