Samsung Galaxy S9 has been released for half a year. Even though Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has just been released, it still does not affect consumers’ love for S9. Today, we don’t discuss Samsung S9 smartphones. We discuss Samsung Galaxy S9 Case, as we all know, Samsung S9 screen. Maintenance is very expensive, so be sure to do its protective measures, the phone case is its necessary accessories.

CaseMe Samsung Galaxy S9 Wallet Case
CaseMe Samsung Galaxy S9 Wallet Case
The best thing about the CaseMe Wallet case is that it makes it easy to travel. You can easily store 14 credit or debit cards and your ID card. The pocket under the card slot holds cash. There is a zip pocket on the side, you can store coins, headphones, cards, bills, very convenient.

The magnetic case that comes with it is very slim and completely wraps the S9 phone. It is 1mm higher than the S9’s screen. It provides front protection for your phone screen. You put the phone screen face down and the phone screen will not touch. 27USD is worth having.

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