Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra doesn’t come cheap, so many users would rather pay less for the Galaxy Note 20. If you have purchased your own Galaxy Note 20 Ultra case, check out some of the recommended Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cases here. However, if you have a regular Galaxy Note 20, you can pick up the shiny new phone in some cases and keep the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 case.

As you can see, offers a variety of wallet cases for the Galaxy Note 20. The final choice depends on your preferences and budget. If you have a high budget, you can always choose the official case with maximum compatibility with your phone and other official accessories. Samsung’s Kvadrat case is also less hazardous to the environment, is mostly made of recycled materials and can be composted. Samsung offers a wide range of options, from basic cases to sturdy cases to leather cases, and even flip and wallet cases.

Higher budget spenders can also look for time-tested brands such as CaseMe Wallet Case – which not only have a great product that offers the ultimate protection, but also have a history and reputation for consistently providing it. You can use a transparent shell for complete clarity and flexibility, either with a reinforced bumper, a stiffer TPU shell, or with a double-decker design and a polycarbonate shell even stronger. Choose your choice!

Of course, all of these situations apply to the regular Note 20 version. If you own the Note 20 Ultra, you can view the Note 20 Ultra packaging.

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