iPhone 11 Pro Max has turned to be a head-turner and one of the most desirable smartphones because of it’s unique design and functionality. With its stylish appearance, great performance, big screen with a smaller body and triple camera, it makes everyone crave to upgrade! If you are the lucky one who got iPhone 11 Pro Max, you shouldn’t miss out on getting the cover cases that provide better protection to your smartphone. We are presenting you with the top 3 best iPhone 11 Pro Max wallet cases in 2020. Here are they!

CaseMe iPhone 11 Pro Max Wallet Case
CaseMe launched this incredible detachable wallet case that undoubtedly has some amazing features. It comes with 2 in 1 PU leather pocket that fully protects the entire body of the phone. This case cover assists you in so many ways like there are 1 zipper wallet, 2 cash pouches and 10 card slots all in one single case. The design is stylish and is productive in so many ways that provide super protection to your phone. The all-in-one design serves the purpose of both a phone cover and a wallet so you can better organize your things all in one space.

iCarer iPhone 11 Pro Max Leather Case
The iCarer leather case is one of the best cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max. The innovative design is purely handmade made with the premium quality 100% genuine cowhide leather. The micro-fiber leather that covers the interior pattern of the case is anti-dirt and waterproof, making this case one of a kind. To protect your phone from scratch or abrasions, the case comes with precisely full degree folio case design. You can easily control the buttons with its exact cut-outs design without removing the case. The case closes well because of the magnetic curved edge creative flap design.

BRG iPhone 11 Pro Max Zipper Wallet Case
If you are thinking of a compact leather wallet, BRG wallet case can be a perfect choice. The 2-in-1 detachable leather wallet case comes with 2 cash pockets, 11 card slots and 1 x zipper pocket. The inner TPU case and leather cover are held together by strong magnetism. The fashionable zippered wallet can serve multiple functions as it allows you to put in your personal belongings such as car/home keys, headphones, small jewels, charging lines etc. the detachable wrist strap is very convenient while taking taxis or shopping etc.

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