Whenever I buy a new iPhone, one of the covers I can always see is the wallet case. iPhone X is no exception! After exploring the various options, I am ready to let you know about our best iPhone X wallet case.

CaseMe iPhone X Wallet Case

Want to change your regular wallet? Then try this iPhone X wallet case. If you are looking for a slim wallet, this may not be appropriate. You can put almost all regular wallets in this leather wallet iPhone X case. It also looks great. If you don’t need a wallet, you can quickly remove your wallet from your iPhone case. This is one of the best wallets for the iPhone X.

BRG iPhone X Leather Wallet Case with wrist strap

The iPhone X Wrist Strap Wallet Case is made of PU leather with a zipper pocket, detachable card slot and wrist strap for iPhone X. This wallet is unique and stylish compared to other wallets. A wristband adds a unique touch to this wallet.

CaseMe iPhone X Wallet Case

Versatility and cruelty free are the main selling points of the CaseMe wallet case. It’s made of vegan leather and looks great, it can be used as a wallet or a separate case depending on your mood. As a wallet, it can hold up to 14 cards and protect you from RFID theft.

BRG iPhone X Detachable Zipper Leather Wallet Case

The BRG iPhone X wallet comes with a detachable iPhone case. You can easily separate your wallet and phone case from the iPhone X case. It is made of leather. One of the advantages of this phone case is that it supports wireless charging in the iPhone X. All you have to do is remove the built-in phone case and place it on the iPhone X’s wireless charger pad.

BRG iPhone X Detachable Leather Wallet Case With 9 Card Slot

If you want your iPhone X to look urbane, BRG will be a good choice. The case is made of genuine leather and has a long life and a rich shape for a perfect match with a smartphone. The wallet is equipped with nine card slots and a purse that allows you to carry valuables comfortably.

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