About Us

Welcome to WalletCaseme.com, here is a collection of some coolest iPhone, Samsung wallet phone cases currently available in the market.

About WalletCaseme Story

It Covers was born to fulfill the desire of my twitter friend, Julia, to protect and carry her iPhone in a fashionable and practical way.

Julia was in need of a beautiful yet practical phone wallet where she could store her cards, money, and telephone in one place; she wanted an elegant, colorful and original wallet case, she spent 2 hours searching online, but she couldn’t find it.

When we saw her tweet, we decided to do a wallet case online store, help people pick the most efficient wallet case. We collection of wallet case won’t let you down. We have carefully chosen the most qualified and fashionable wallet cases.

Our Mission and Vision


Simplify the lives of people


No matter what kind of wallet phone case you are looking for, we can meet your needs.